Our Community

The Divine Goth Community was created to fill the gap that exists for many goths who embark on this lifestyle. The main issue I dealt with as a goth was finding other local goths outside of my existing circle of family and friends. Goth’s exist all over the globe, and we seek to connect our users with like minded individuals worldwide. We have two websites:

Divine Goth (where you are now): Is more cosmetic, beauty and fashion focused, the blog posts will be more personal and tell you about my goth journey. While focusing on 6 major areas I have singled out to discuss in regards to the goth community and lifestyle. Divine Goth Community: Is more community focused and is where members can socialize through the social media platform, create fan pages, join groups, participate in forums. Members can read the weekly wiki entries, search the directory and events calendar for things to do in your area, plus much more! Read below to find out more about what the community has to offer.

Goth Wiki

Goth Wiki, is our free online dictionary of goth celebrities, including actors, musicians, models, artists, personalities and more. The dictionary will also feature movies, shows, plays and festivals that have taken place in the past and today! Our dream is for this dictionary to be available for goths for years to come as a place where all things goth can be researched and found. As the community grows and requests are made for new categories of information to be added, we will expand the dictionary. Goth Wiki will add new entries on a daily/weekly basis, articles can also be written and submitted by the public to be included in Goth Wiki.

Our Focus

Here at Divine Goth, when we say that we are “goths”, we are implying that we live a Goth/Gothic lifestyle. What that means to each person is a matter of opinion, over the years we have read numerous online articles and thoughts, regarding what a Gothic or Goth lifestyle includes. The Divine Goth Community has decided to breakdown the goth lifestyle into 6 categories and it is those 6 categories that we focus on. We are not in anyway suggesting that only these 6 categories exist within the community, only that we will focus mainly on those categories. Diversity is what has made goth last beyond a phase to becoming a lifestyle, so please be open minded and courteous to everyone in the community. Of course you do not have to be a Goth to benefit, use or join our community but you would definitely need to be goth friendly (that’s how we explain it to others)!

Goth Makeup

Glam Out

Learn about goth makeup trends, new products and how to create certain looks.

Goth Fashion

Dress Up

Learn about new and old fashions trends and how they relate to goth.

Goth Lifestyle

Live It

Read up about how the goth lifestyle is expressed around the world.

Goth Celebrities

Read Up

Our wiki will be a place where any goth topic or artist can be searched.

Goth Music

Rock On

Music is one of the most vivid & easily recognized expressions of goth culture.

Goth Merchants

Shop On

Use the directory to find goth or goth friendly businesses.

Our Directory


Connecting Goths Around The World!

Our Goth Business Directory is combined with our goth social community and you would need to sign up to become a member to take advantage of the directory. It is free to signup…meet, socialize and engage with goths around the world. Use the directory to search for different goth nightclubs, venues, merchants, events and more around the world or local to you.


Our Story

The Beginning

Hello, my name is Dasia, but I am better known as “Goth Barbie”! I am the brains behind the Divine Goth Brand & CandyGoth Cosmetics. I am generally asked how did I come up with the idea to create a community geared towards the goth community? Here is the answer: On a Friday night, I found myself sitting alone in my home office dreaming of bringing back my cosmetics company, I had launched a few years ago. While thinking of a name to call my new cosmetics company, I decided this time to honor my roots and create a goth-inspired cosmetics company. As I had been a goth since the mid 1990’s. The decisions I made that night would eventually evolve into the trio CandyGoth Cosmetics, Divine Goth (Blog Site) & the Divine Goth Community (Social Network).

Searching Our Dream

I started with creating the color scheme and logo for my new Cosmetics. That evolved into the realization that CandyGoth Cosmetics would be a goth-based cosmetics company. I wanted this new company to show my vision of goth which is sometimes called Bubble Goth. I personally like to refer to it as adding glitter and color to the darkness of goth. Although my cosmetics company would be goth-based, the reality is that I would also have to make my cosmetics appeal to others outside of goth. This led me to decide to create the Divine Goth (Blog) site as a way to focus solely on all things Goth. In a way that I would not be able to do with CandyGoth Cosmetics. This idea to create a separate complete site to discuss beauty, makeup, music, movies, fashion, clubs, festivals all based around goth…led to the creation of Divine!

New Generation

Divine Goth is the realization of a dream that started with the idea to offer glitter and color infused goth-based makeup. While at the same time providing a place to discuss the goth lifestyle, tell my goth story and have a place where goth people can find each other. When I first started down this path years ago, I stumbled along as a goth for a period of time before I met like-minded people. I did not call myself a goth until I found people like me, although I had been a goth since I was 16. My dream is for people who are goth or goth friendly to join the Divine Goth Community and discover the other side of humanity. Welcome Divine Goths!