• Favorite Album: Danzig

  • Favorite Video: Her Black Wings

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  • Favorite 5 Songs:

    1. Hint of Her Blood
    2. Soul on Fire
    3. When Death Had No Name
    4. She Rides
    5. Her Black Wings

I chose to include Glenn Danzig’s band as my first Goth Wiki entry, out of respect for my musical goth origins. It would have made sense to most people for my first entry to be my favorite goth band of all time. So, why did I choose to go with Danzig instead? In deciding to launch a news and media site for goths, I have had the time to think a lot about my own goth journey. Boy has it been a hell of a journey, I can honestly say that I would have done some things differently, but I would have done most things a second time!

Danzig has a special place in my heart, as his album Danzig was the first album, I purchased that would eventually send me down the path of identifying as a goth. I discovered Danzig my first year in high school, a new cable video station came out that allowed you to create music video playlists that you purchased for a few dollars. Basically, you left this video channel on and you would watch whatever video playlists people purchased for the day. I was a black American girl listening to heavy metal, watching Joe Bob Briggs and Elvira B horror movie nights week after week. I could keep going but you get the point, I was basically on some other shit at the age of 16!

Someone ordered a 3-video playlist of Danzig songs, it included “Her Black Wings”, “She Rides” and “Killer Wolf”. I was mesmerized, the music was sensual, dark and he had a really nice voice, I asked my mother to buy me his album after watching the videos. She took me to the local mall, and I saw that he had two albums for sale at the store Danzig and Danzig 2. I really wanted to purchase Danzig 2, but I knew that my mother was going to flip out when she saw that it was called Lucifuge. I didn’t want to press my luck; I knew I could safely get away with purchasing his first album with the demon skeleton head on it but the name Lucifuge on it (hell no)!

I went home and listened to the album for hours, lost in dark metal bliss. I would get my mother to drop me off at the mall the following weekend to purchase Danzig 2. I had to purchase that one alone, there was just no way I was going to get away with buying that one with her next to me. Due to the musical genre Danzig introduced me to, I would move on to discover The Misfits, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth and many others. Eventually, I would discover a purer version of Gothic Metal, EDM and Synthpop and other goth music genres.

But Danzig was the one who sent me down the path to discover myself through music. For the first time I realized that I was not like most people around me and there were other people out there just like me.

Danzig thank you for years and years of awesome music!

*Sadly this video was the best quality I could find on YouTube. We always try to get videos from the actual artist page on YouTube, Danzig did not have this song uploaded to his Official Youtube page. Maybe one day we can get him to upload a high quality version of this awesome song and video!*