Welcome to Divine Goth! Our site officially launched 5/17/2019 with our first Goth Wiki entry going to Danzig. More entries will be added indefinitely from here on out! I am not going to waste your time by writing an opening article telling you why I decided to create a News & Media site for goths. 

Instead,  I am going to post the first Goth Wiki entry and continue to post new content monthly. This brings me to a few housekeeping statements about what to expect from this site and our Divine Goth community of sites. 

Please be patient!!!

We have a gigantic goal in mind, with four websites to manage. We offer a goth directory of businesses and clubs, a directory for goth and alternative festivals, a wiki, music and a shopping site. That’s a lot of things to keep up to date, we will work to update each of those areas once a week. As the days, months and years past our platforms will be a repository of in dept information and resources for the alt community.  

Goth Wiki

Goth Wiki will be built over a period of time, we will work to add a couple of new entries a month. 

Divine Goth Music

Currently features just band profiles and interviews we have done, eventually you will be able to stream music and purchase on site if you wish. This feature is coming!


The site includes our brand name CandyGoth Cosmetics. It also boasts clothing, accessories, pop culture and home decor items procured from around the world, specially for the alt community.